Chirag Goel

Hi! I’m Chirag. Chirag Goel. I’m from Delhi, India. I have been in this country now for almost three years or so. I came here for studies. I did my post-graduation diploma. I did my MBA now. And… at the same time, I’m carrying on with my dancing and I am teaching as well. My dancing I think it started quite early, like around… when I was around five or something around that time. Then I carried on… I was with Shiamak Davar Institute for the Performing Arts. I was with Mr. Shiamak Davar for almost five years. Then I came here in this country and I am with Honey’s Dance Academy, UK’s number one academy for last two years now.

Mainly with Shiamak, like I learned more of jazz and hip-hop, then I did Bollywood training for like, with Shiamak for last two years. Whatever I am today is because of him. I was very scared of talking to people. I can’t talk to anyone earlier; but now I can talk to anyone. I can stand in front of hundred people and teach. And I’ve learnt a lot from him.

Then, then I came here in this country because there was like different cultures and like, there was like the styles were different as compared to India and London. So, I have to like go under training in Honey’s Academy for a while. Then… I like got proper Bollywood style in me.

In India that was I think my beginning as a professional. But when I come to London… that was like the main, code part, which I learned from Honey. But Honey, I learned a lot from Honey. Because I have never down classicals in my life. So she give me classical lessons. So I know a bit of classical now as well.

It was quite strange you know, because everybody was like thinking that I’m from India, I should know classical dance already. But that’s what I’m saying. It’s not that because India many people are like… everybody don’t do classical dance. Like thanks to God, I have two good gurus. One in India. One in London. So it’s like I’ve learnt a lot from both these people.

I find it little hard in the beginning, when I was teaching in London. But she helped me a lot and she explained me how to teach the little ones. With the older lot I was quite OK, but with the little ones, I found a little difficult but she helped me. You still allowed in India, for example, you are still allowed to touch the kid. But Honey like she said… you shouldn’t be touching the kids and all. You shouldn’t be hugging them. You should have a distance with them because this is the health and safety rules in London. You see, these small small things which I wasn’t aware of.

Like because I’ve done my MBA now. So they said, you got the degree, you got management skills, so instead of like, just dancing as a teacher, like just teaching, just come into the office and work as well.

End of the day we teachers are in front of the students and we are in the face to face contact with them, so we know all the advantages and disadvantages, what’s happening and what we can do better to grow like, how we can like help them more. It’s like end of the day like Honey used to say like we are helping someone to change their cultures, we are inspiring more people. And you know what. I’ve got so many compliments as a teacher here like and the best one was one of my kid in Harrow, he said to his mum in front of me, I don’t like my dad, I like Chirag. So you know what, that’s the best one I ever heard. So end of the day we are trying to give a platform to kids so that they can dance on the stage and they… because they love performance so let’s give them something what they like.

You know, if you are dancing on Bollywood track it just comes direct from your heart. It just come direct from your heart and you enjoy it and you know you can see the thing on your face like you are enjoying it, you are having fun. So art of Bollywood and you learning all the styles of dance in it. So that’s the main part. I love this art. That’s why I am here for. I am just so passionate about my dancing so, and I love teaching. So I’m here.

I am 110% sure I can see my future in this country in dancing.