Cid Shaha

My name is Cid Shaha. I’m from Bangladesh. My first inspiration in dancewise – my mom. When I was young I used to move with the music and pop music basically and all those stuff, Michael Jackson, Madonna. Then my mom took me into the dance school. I started quite young, when I was like five six?

I was really really excited, but when I got there, I found huge, huge discipline. I was young… so it’s quite hard to accept those rules and regulations. So I asked my mom, ‘Mom I don’t want to go anymore.’ Then my mom really scold me that, ‘Why shouldn’t you because you want to do it. Your attitude makes me to put you into the dance school so why are you not going to do it?’ Before the stage performance I have to see her face at the beginning and then I got this inspiration and I get that kind of strength to do the show and make it perfect and if it is competition, and won it.

I love to learn different of dance and it gives me more fluidity in my dance and movements and give me more rhythm… different way. I started with general dancing. Then folk. Then Kathak. First I learned jaipur gharana Kathak. I learned a bit of Bharata Natyam, bit of Manipuri and then I find it, I’m really fascinated about Kathak, so, then I start to learn Kathak. And my first private guru in Kathak, and I like his style, is Shibli Mohammad. He learned from Birju Maharajji and his gharana is Lucknow. So my type of dancing is Lucknow gharana.

It’s lots of great posture, really bold and really striking poses, and lots of speed, lots of turns and different kind of rhythms. There is lots of taal –tritaal, chowtaal, jhaptaal even – you can make it basically, you can make the rhythm, you can dance into it.

I just started dancing like about two year. I just passed. Then one director came to me. ‘Do you like to dance with us? It’s a dance drama.’ Swapner Desh, it’s Dream Land. I was like a fairy, one of male fairy. Afterwards I found it – it’s a TV show.

I was like fifteen years old when I start teaching. My student was thirty years.

In the school from my company school, few dancers, male dancer came to me. He goes, ‘You are really good dancer. Could you teach us some movements?’

Bollywood is really glamour, glamour, and glamour, it comes from film. Classical dance is more rich. Rich by the movements. Rich by the taalam, taal. Of energy. I use a lot of rhythm work like 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,1,2,1… sharp hand, sharp turn, and look, sharp look. What is important – your body, your expression, your eyes.

Bangladesh is really conservative area and like Muslim area. There is got specific way to do it. You can’t really explore yourself. This culture really accept the dancer, quality dance. Whatever you want to do, you can explore yourself. If they don’t understand, they try to understand what you are saying as a dancer. What your body is saying but, back home, it’s not.