Dhruvil Chauhan

My name is Dhruvil Chauhan. I’m from India. Western part of India. I came to this country in 2006 and I joined ‘Angels’ one and half year back. In India, I learned Bollywood dancing, basics of Bollywood and especially all different type of styles and everything.

Semi-classical is like not purely classical base. You apply the classical moves into Bollywood dancing. That becomes semi- classical. You apply like, different, different styles. Say Kathak, Bharat Natyam and all of that. You pick up different moves and apply in the Bollywood dancing… becomes semi-classical.

Folk dance is like, it’s a community dance. So like, if you go in western part of India, it’s find different community. Northern part is different. So in northern part becomes Bhangra style. That’s a folk dance of that community. So different different communities has different folk styles. So I have learned all different kinds of folk – that’s Bhangra and Garba. Basically I’m from Gujerat, so it’s Garba in that community style.

In India, people understand the language basically, so they can express the meaning of the song easily. While, here… here we find mixed people- not only Indians. We find English and all different types of people so we have to explain the meaning of the song and then they can express more better, in a way… like… to the song. Thank you!